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WILL I make you your own custom comic?

Yes, I will, it would be a pleasure! Here's all the info you'll need for getting a commission, with examples and a contact form at the bottom.


the commission process

  1. You get in touch: pop me a message using the form below, outlining your idea letting me know which option you think will work best for you 
  2. I get some details from you: I'll respond asking for a few more specific details, confirming the price and giving you a rough timeline of the job
  3. Rough draft: I'll send you a rough draft based on your initial idea, asking for your input regarding concept/colours/text etc.
  4. Revision cycle one: using your feedback from the rough draft, I'll work on a second version and send that to you for another round of feedback
  5. Revision cycle two: this should be the almost final product but you're welcome to make a few more little tweaks
  6. Final check-in: I send it through for the final thumbs up - when I'm sure you're 100% happy I'll prepare this for you in a few standard formats (JPEG, PNG, PDF) or whatever other formats you require (AI, SVG etc)
  7. Payment: before sending through the approved final product, I'll send you an invoice - as soon as payment is received I'll send you all of the final images
  8. Happiness! Your custom comic is yours forever! You can print it or share it online or get it on a t-shirt or tattoo it on your face - the options are endless.



The rates for set pieces are laid out below, for custom jobs or ongoing projects I charge by the hour.

Unfortunately I don't take on any jobs less for less than £120 because I like to put a lot of thought and time into each commission and it's not practical to do that for very small jobs. If you're just looking for something quick and simple, I highly recommend checking out Upwork which is a trusted and affordable platform to hire freelance writers and illustrators for all projects - big and small!


Turnaround time

The current average turnaround time for a commission is about two weeks, but this differs from job to job, depending on how quickly you give me feedback for each revision cycle as well as on my calendar and workload. I can only take on a limited amount of commissions per month so if you need something done before a certain date, it's best to get in touch sooner rather than later! A rush job option is available (final product within 5 working days) at a 20% premium. 


other bits of info

  • printing and framing: this is available in Cape Town only for an extra R500. For all other locations you will receive your artwork digitally
  • payment options: Paypal (international) or EFT (South Africa) is preferable, but happy to discuss other possibilities 
  • videos: because of the amount of time required to make a single video I don' currently offer video commissions
  • free comics: unfortunately at the moment I don't have the capacity to take on any type of work in exchange for exposure (or anything of that nature) - if that changes I'll be sure to put an update on this page

commission options

1. single image project: £120

These can take a variety of forms, including website banners (like the one below), logos and other more design-based work, as well as humorous comics or illustrations depicting a particular memory or entertaining imaginary scene. Your imagination is the limit, really, and I always have LOTS of ideas if you're struggling.

commissions - website banner


2. sequence/story poster: £160

most popular


These always go down well as gifts and I have so much fun making them! You don't need to come up with any of the content (although you absoluteyl can if you want to) - just give me a rough idea and the rest will follow!

krissy 2 - 1.png


3. corporate team poster: £250

Give me a description of each person in your team, send some funny stories and some photos, and I'll draw you all! This is a really fun gift to give to a team to commemorate working together. 

corporate team poster


4. selection of 8-12 comics: £300

These bundles are comics are ideal for speeches, presentations, little books or articles. We'll go through a description of each comic and how they should all tie together, as well as how to develop little characters/themes that run through the whole project. Watch Dave Cornthwaite's TedX talk to see a bunch of comics in action.

comic selection 1
comic selection 2
comic selection 3
We are wild.PNG
comic selection 5
comic selection 6



"The team absolutely LOVED your cartoon. They are putting it in the company newsletter and are absolutely over the moon!"

- M. D. J, Deloitte

"This is absolutely perfect. These look EXACTLY how they happened.  I love it SO much. Thank you!"

- K. P.


- N. C.

"Thank you SO much. I absolutely LOVE my gift. It's so spot on... just perfect. Had me in happy birthday tears this morning. "

- T. T.


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