Amazing adventurers

Here are some cartoons of five of the MOST AMAZING adventurers that inspired me to start my own adventures. First on the list has to be Shirine Taylor, who at the age of 19 went solo cycle touring around India on US$5 per day, and then (joined by her partner Kevin), cycled through Turkey and South America.



Alastair Humphreysthe pioneer of the micro-adventure, has also completed many mega cycling, walking and rowing adventures all over the world.



Sean Conway has completed many lunatic assignments, including climbing Kilimanjaro in a penguin suite and swimming the length of Britain!



Sophie Radcliffe, triathlete, adventure racer, endurance lady and cyclist all rolled up into one!



Anna McNuff, rower, runner, cycler, swimmer, fund raiser, speaker - actually there's not much she can't do!



Thanks to these amazing people for being such an inspiration to me and to many others around the world!